Climate and Colors

After the past few days of gloomy, gusty, guessing weather, I found myself paying particular attention to the bright yellows of the daffodils and the pink blooms on various trees around town.  (As a side note, as one who is horticulture-challenged, what are those trees?)  I began to wonder whether bright vivid colors are Mother Nature’s way of compensating us for cloudy rain-soaked days.  If so, then why are the tropics so vivid? It isn’t as if they lack for Vitamin D-infused sunshine.  If anything, the tropics should be the most monochromatic place on the planet.  Conversely, what palette should Mother nature apply to Antarctica?  It is – almost literally – a blank white canvas.  However, there can also be blindingly sunny days?  Now there is a conundrum…..



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